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High Heels and Music

Nature Lover Design Wine Glasses

See something you like?

Everybody knows somebody who loves shoes and/or music.  This high heel design comes in Black, Red or Black shoe with Red sole.  The bass guitar/clef comes in Black as shown

We also carry carry nature lover themed wine glasses.  These are available in a variety of colors and come in both the Red and White stemmed and stemless wine glasses.  Shown here are samples of the Horse, Raven and Dragonfly. 

See something you like?

"Sediment" shown here in a variety of colors.

"On The Vine" shown here is available in Black, Black & Gold, Black & Pearl, Black & Paprika, Black & Turquoise and Black & Red.

We also carry Champagne glasses that can be painted in either our "Sediment" or "On The Vine" designs (as shown below).

Champagne Glasses

I get asked this question all the time.  Our glasses are put through a lengthy process known as "Heat Quenching".  This process enhances the durability and adhesion of the art to the glass so you can enjoy your glass art for many years (and bottles) to come.  Even though every measure is taken to ensure long life of the art, it is my opinion and recommendation that OUR GLASSES BE WASHED AND CARED FOR BY HAND. 

                                      We are not responsible for damage to glasses if they are in fact washed in a dishwasher.

"Nice Legs" shown above in a variety of colors.  From left to right is Malava (purple), Azure (blue), Aniseed (green) and Yellow.  Again, play with color.  A set of 4 or 6 looks amazing on your table.

"Sediment" shown on the left is shown in a variety of mixed colors.  Playing with color in this design is super fun.  You can pick one solid color, two colors or up to three.

"On The Vine" shown above in Black.  Other colors available are Black & Gold, Black & Pearl, Black & Paprika and Black & Red.

We believe that wine pleasure and appreciation starts with the glass.  Therefore, we only use high quality "Riedel" wine glasses for our creations.  We have four sizes to choose from.  "Red Stemmed" (24.5 oz.), "Red Stemless" (24 oz.), "White Stemmed" (20 oz.) and "White Stemless" (19 oz.). 

Wine Glasses