Carla Boland

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Our creations have been gracing homes, events and tables with beautiful creations of style and color for many years.  Our wine glasses are perfect for everyday enjoyment but are also wonderful for any holiday or occasion including girls nights, weddings, bridal and baby showers, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries.  Our tea light holders are made to match the wine glasses and add that final touch to any setting.

Our glass products are hand painted to order and personalized to your own style and taste.  Our styles range from cute and clean polka dots (aka "Sediment") to dark and mystical (aka "On The Vine").  Each item is customized based on your selection of the type of glass, the style/design you want and in the color of your choice. 

Hand painted glasses are the savvy businessman/women's little secret for creating a splash with new clients!  Spice up your next event and give potential or existing clients something to take home with them.  Glasses in your corporate colors make a great "thank you" gift.

Wedding planners, we haven't forgotten you.  We can personalize wine glasses, tea light holders, vases or other glassware to fit with the color scheme of your big day or for bridal gift favors.

Welcome to Art C Creations

Where we create hand crafted items to suit your style

Check out our other beautiful creations which include carafes, tealight holders, bottles and a variety of other hand painted items.

We believe wine pleasure and appreciation starts with the glass.  Therefore, we use only high quality Riedel glasses for our wine glasses.  Check out the beautiful designs we have for you. We also carry Champagne glasses which are $10.00 (includes GST).